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It is your responsibility to care for your tattoo. Proper care ensures that your tattoo stays clean and heals properly. Avoid touching your tattoo as this will risk introducing harmful bacteria.

Saniderm Aftercare Instructions

There are dirt, germs, and potential irritants everywhere you go. Saniderm bandages provide an impenetrable yet breathable barrier to protect your new work, and keep you safe from infection. Friction also has a tendency to be quite painful on a fresh tattoo; Saniderm protects from irritation caused by friction, like when clothes or sheets brush against your new tattoo. On the flip side, it also protects clothes and sheets from your weeping wound. Saniderm tattoo aftercare keeps your new tattoo looking and feeling fresh and clean.

It is normal to see fluids build up underneath Saniderm. Do not attempt to drain the fluid, until your bandage is completely ready to come off.

Keep the Saniderm on for 7 days. At the end of day 7, take the bandage off slowly while in the shower. Warm water will help it come off more easily. Wash your tattoo gently with unscented antibacterial soap. After washing your tattoo, allow your skin to dry for 15-20 minutes before applying any product.

For the first week after taking Saniderm off, Eddie recommends using Hustle Butter Deluxe. You can purchase Hustle Butter at your appointment or online at hustlebutter.com.

Use Hustle Butter morning and night after washing your tattoo and during the day only if needed. Remember to always use a thin layer. Overuse of aftercare products can clog your pores and cause a rash.

After the first week, you can switch to fragrance free lotion. Apply a light layer morning and night after washing and during the day as needed.

Your tattoo will take approximately 4-6 weeks to completely heal. During this process, your tattoo will go through several stages. It is normal to experience itching, scabbing, and peeling. However, it is important that you do not rush your tattoo to heal by scratching, pulling or picking at the skin as this can cause scarring and may lift ink out of your tattoo.

Do not submerge your tattoo in water. This means no baths, hot tubs, swimming (no pools, lakes, rivers, beach etc.) until completely healed. Avoid direct sunlight.